Quahog Bay Conservancy

Quahog Bay Conservancy

Quahog Bay Conservancy

Project Details
Coastal Maine
Project Completion Date
Spring 2020
Project Type
Jeff Roberts Imaging
TJ Fine Woodworking
Soren Deniord Design Studio
Albert Putnam Associates
Interior Design
LKW Design Associates

This design centered around the Quahog Bay revitalization efforts, creating a place to

pack up oysters grown by Snow Island Oysters that are grown in the bay, as well as to

provide housing for research students and summer interns interested in fishery

ecosystems and Maine’s working waterfront. Today they are growing600,000+ oysters,

with plans to increase to more than one million within a few years. 100% of the

proceeds from the sale of their oysters are returned to QBC to fund their many

programs to clean the bay.

This is one of many structures on the client’s property and our team was tasked to

create an exterior design aesthetic that blends well with the other structures on this

beautiful, 15-acre coastal property. Offices, cold storage, bathrooms and a large packing

bay cover most of the first floor. On the second floor there is a two-bedroom apartment

with a kitchen and two baths, complete with roof decks and large windows that allow

gorgeous views of the bay and surrounding woods.


The building was designed as a more contemporary version of the surrounding barns

further up the road. Nestled into the site, with natural finishes, the building is right at

home in its surroundings.

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