Architect's Studio

Architect's Studio

Architect's Studio

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Falmouth, ME
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Woods + Water
Jack Michaud, Jeff Browne
Meyer Development Solutions
Soren Deniord Design Studio
Interior Design

When our office was located in downtown Yarmouth, there were some major components amiss, most notably, sunlight and simplicity. The commute from Kevin Browne’s home in Falmouth was also a downside—a near half-hour hike.

When it was time for a move, we teamed up with Dan Meyer of Meyer Development Solutions to construct a 16’x24’ structure in the most cost-effective way possible. The design is a simple and bright energy-efficient space in Falmouth (goodbye commute) that showcases our style, blending the old with the new in both form and materials. The floor plan is wide open, features a cathedral ceiling, and there’s a full daylight garage below the office for overflow storage for the adjacent home.

Douglas fir wood beams help to lower the feel of the tall space while the warmth of the natural rough-cut wood ceiling creates a sense of coziness. The beams were also used to frame out a playspace above the work area that supports an 8’x11’ net that can serve as an overflow sleeping area or just a fun place for Kevin’s kids to hang out when their dad has to work late.

Simple, understated trim on the interior allows the oversized low-E windows to play second fiddle to the beautiful rural property just beyond them. PV solar panels on the south-facing roof help to offset the electrical load of the house as well as totally offsetting the heating and cooling loads of the office. We conducted a blower door test of the space prior to completion and used an infrared camera to ensure all the areas of air leakage were sealed up.

Since its completion, this studio has been instrumental in showing off some of our practices and building systems and will be for many more years to come.

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