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Jon Sevigny

Jon grew up exploring construction sites, with his father who was a custom builder and his grandfather who was a design/builder. He enjoys experiencing architecture on his travels and has always loved art and sketching. After studying Architectural Engineering at the New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI), he worked for nearly two decades as a designer in residential architecture. After moving to Maine to be closer to the ocean, it comes as no surprise that Jon’s favorite projects include oceanfront homes and coastal designs with unique building features.

Now a project manager and architectural designer at KBA, Jon enjoys pushing the envelope of design while working on homes along the Maine coast and surrounding areas. He values visiting the building site and getting inspiration from the client to begin the design. He also enjoys 3D modeling and being able to do a virtual walk-thru of a home before anything is built.

In his free time, he loves to explore the Maine coastline with his wife, three children, and their dogs.  He also enjoys snowboarding, gardening, reading, and hiking.